Home-Start Referrals
Many parents need help, friendship and support when their children are young. Common reasons for Home-Start support are:

  • Feeling isolated with little family support.
  • Struggling with the emotional and physical demands of having young children.
  • Postnatal depression.
  • A family who may need help with practical things such as shopping or budgeting.
  • A family with twins, triplets or many children under 5.
  • A family finding it hard to cope with ill health or disability in the family.
  • A family struggling with addiction.
  • A family fleeing from Domestic Abuse.

Home-Start Kettering can also deliver the 123 Magic Parenting Programme to families struggling with challenging behaviour.

Families are usually supported for up to six months by home-visiting volunteers who offer weekly visits of between 2-3 hours.

How to make a referral

Please call the office to discuss the referral first before sending us a completed referral form. Once the referral is accepted, we will send a letter to the family arranging to visit them in their own home to discuss further what Home-Start is able to do and to make sure the family is accepting of Home-Start. Once the visit has taken place we will look to place a volunteer that is felt to ‘match’ with the family’s needs. The length of time a family has to wait for support is dependent on how many families are waiting and how many volunteers we have available. Families and Referrers are then kept informed of the situation and once a volunteer is available we will introduce them to the volunteer and the support begins.

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Home Start Plus
Home Start Kettering

Inspire to Aspire/Big Hopes Big Future

Helping families to fulfill their potential at school and in life.

This intervention focuses on parents identified as needing support to engage with their child’s learning and school attendance. The course encourages parents to become more aware of the importance of their role and more engaged in their child’s learning.

The course works with parent’s strengths, building self-esteem and confidence and helps parents widen support networks and use the support services available within the community for the benefit of their child and themselves.

Outcomes will be: Increased school attendance and increased education attainment.

This is 6 x 3 hour sessions for a group of up to 8 families.

Families in Mind

Dealing with the mental health of parents with children under 11years who have identified mental health problems.

This course aims to build self-confidence, reduce isolation and increase engagement with the school and community. This is a nurturing group that helps parents to recognise the impact of their mental health on their children and encourages them to put in place routines which will limit the impact.

This is 6 x 3 hour sessions for a group of up to 6 families.

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Surviving Family Life

A 6 week course covering:

  • Impact of parent’s mental health on children and encouraging emotional resilience.
  • Helping parents to enjoy time with their children to encourage a positive relationship.
  • Helping families to find practical ways to give their children healthy, active lifestyles including healthy eating.
  • Basic budgeting tips.
  • An introduction to 123 Magic and top tips for parents.

This course would be for those families identified as low risk and early intervention and will be less intense than Inspire to Aspire and Families in Mind.

This is 6 x 3 hour sessions for a group of up to 10 families.

123 Magic Parenting Programme

An award winning, bestselling programme that has helped thousands of families since the 1970’s.

The course provides simple tools for parents to control challenging behaviour, encourage appropriate behaviour and strengthen the parent-child relationship. It aims to help parents think about what they are doing when they respond to children.

Families will be given a folder, book, 2 timers and a set of pots and counters for each child

This is 3 x 2 hour sessions for a group of up to 8 families, including all resources.

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